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Sep 14, 2012 1:05am PDT
canine volunteer died from complication of the west nile virus. >> violence in libya and new informatio about how 4 americans lost their lives this week during that attack. >> bart spends 1 million dloors clean up a big mess at some of the station. >> the company that found out the hard way what happens when apple no longer wants your >> there is new information tonight about the 4 americans who died in libya. u.s. ambassador chris stevens, shawn smith and former navy seal glenn doherty all killed. another former seal tyrone woods was the fourth person who died. >> lybian official says there were 2 attack. first by a group that set the consulate on fire then a second attack on convoy carrying stevens, doherty an woods to safety. lybian government says it's already made some arrests. >> thinks what is left of the u.s. consulate, charred, ransacked, abandoned after the u.s. ambassador and 3 others were killed here. today the lybian government announced it hazard several of the militant it believes were responsible for tuesday late night assault. >> this is first time ambassador los
Sep 18, 2012 1:05am PDT
4 americans killed last week when the consulate in libya was attacked. lillian is here with what students fact you will l think to say about the ambassador tonight. hi praise indeed. >>reporter: ambassador attended haze ntion the 80's and made a lasting impression. as for the current crop of students he made an impression on them too. >> ambassador serves as shining example to all of us. >>reporter: none of the students knew ambassador christopher stevens. he graduated from uc hastings college of law in 1989. but the young men and women felt compelled to take part in a candle light vigil in his honor. >> he sat in the same classroo classroom. maybe he has the same professors and we are connected to this person. he was a great person. grit person to be connected to. >>reporter: ambassador stevens died last we can after an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. part of wave of unrest over an apartment islam film. witness accounts new video now indicate the ambassador was still breathing when a crowd of libya walk through the compound after the assault. carried him to a car that dro
Sep 17, 2012 2:00am PDT
attack in libya that left an american ambassador dead and the violent protests across the middle east. mitt romney slammed the obama administration's policies in the region. >> the world needs american leadership. the middle east needs american leadership. >> and the president told cbs news that romney's initial response to the unrest was flat out wrong. >> governor romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and name later. >> but it was a quiet weekend on the campaign trail. yesterday romney stopped by one of his grandson's soccer games outside boston. and today his only campaign event, a rally in colorado was cancell small plane crashed at thehe was sche where he was scheduled to land. election day is just over seven weeks away, so was this day a wasted opportunity for romney who is facing an increasingly challenge to the white house. romney is behind in every poll. the biggest battleground prizes, ohio, virginia and florida. so it is no surprise that that's exactly where president obama is campaigning this week. romney's schedule has not been announced burkts she trying to talk
Sep 15, 2012 1:05am PDT
body of the four americans who died in benghazi, libya, are back on american soil. ambassador chris stevens from peaked moneyed -- from piedmont was among them. a military procession escorted their coffins to ceremonies at joint base andrews in maryland. president obama called the 52-year-old stevens everything america could want as an ambassador. secretary of state clinton knew him personally. >> during the revolution in libya he risked his life to help protect the libyan people from a tyrant. and he gave his life helping them build a better country. >> after tad's ceremonies the bodies were sent to a military mortuary in delaware. plans for christopher steven's funeral are pending. >>> anti-american protests are spreading across the globe. demonstrations are on going in 30 countries right now. at least four people have been killed in the chaos. u.s. troops are on their way to secure embassies in sudan, yemen and libya. at the center of these protests, the independent on-line movie made here that insults islam and ridicules the prophet, mohamed. but should youtube pull them from th
Sep 16, 2012 2:00am PDT
recorded back in 1913. previously researchers said the record was set back in 1922 in libya. but they say that temperature was recorded incorrectly. >> we are so hot. let's go to leigh glaser. >> it is hot in l.a. as i mentioned 103 degrees. long beach, 103, as well. so it's not like a little cooling there. expected high in l.a., 91 tomorrow and hot in palm springs 102 as you work your way north, fresno 101. you see so the fog bank and that will have cool the coastal communities. and we'll look for sacramento, 93 degrees, tahoe a comfortable 75. elsewhere, almost fall like especially through the great lakes. chicago 81 and 74 tomorrow with sunshine for new york city. southern states will deal with moderate rain. atlanta, 85 degrees and heavy rain, possibly a thunderstorm there. 88 degrees. 79 for dallas and hundred for phoenix. here is our day planner for your sunday. it will be a cool start with inland temperatures tomorrow morning, near the coast and mid to upper 40s. 50s elsewhere and then we will look for temperatures warming gradually and upper 70s inland and 60s around the bay.
Sep 30, 2012 2:00am PDT
a terrorist attack in libya. before today's cal football game, stevens was honored with a moment of silence. the university also announced the creation of a memorial fund in his name. >>> nobel peace prize recipient was met by protesters in san francisco. bermese muslims were speaking out, and they claim tens of thousands of muslims have died and a hundred thousand have been displaced in berma. su-chi receive had an honorary degree and a key to the city. >> they lined up before sunrise, anxious to see the woman with many names. >> she is like my mom. and she is like my hero. >> she is nobel peace prize winner anne burmese's opposition leader. this is a 57-year-old's first trip to san francisco in more than 40 years. congresswoman nancy pelosi gave her a doctorat from the university of san francisco while the mayor gave her a key to the city. >> she has been and continues to be an inspiration to our city and our residence and our communities here in san francisco. >> the bay area has the third largest burr meet community in the -- burmese community in the country. she laid out plans
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6